How EuroLeaders can learn from private team building

teambuildingWhen it comes to politics, many many things can be said, but one which is crucial in every “political arena” is about the team play.

Every single politician needs to play together with others (both from the same political party and from opposite, in our opinion) to reach the final goal of his / her election: increase the wealth of those who he/she needs to take care of (for instance, those who have voted for him / her).
Unfortunately, not every politician has this goal clear in mind, and many of them think just to keep their role and the salary that goes with it.

As many companies started to do in the last few years, today politicians should apply the best team building tactics to their role, to their business, as proven working method.

What is team building?

As we can learn to have a read to the most important websites in the field, such as the one of TeamBuildingMilano agency and the always present Wikipedia, with the English term team-building we refer to techniques aimed at developing team cooperation and work within a workgroup. To be an efficient team, its members must share a common intent, have trust and mutual respect and be motivated to use the strengths of each single member to reach a preset destination.

The objectives of the team building

Team building techniques aim to:

  • deepen personal knowledge between colleagues to increase the confidence and esteem, the level of cooperation and cohesion and integration among them;
  • stimulate creativity, convey the mission and corporate values.

When to use team building techniques?

Team building can be of great help in those cases in which the groups are in a stage of difficulty, maybe because it has not reached its goals, and is needed to regain the dynamism and collaboration between the different parties to recover the right approach to solve problems.

Can you see a correlation between team building and politics?

People are the most valuable asset for a company / city / country, and when they play in a team, they can move together to reach a common goal, easily and quickly.

A working group, in fact, can bring in new ideas and develop more opportunities to grow. And this can apply to any field.